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Loan offers


Welcome my dear customer we are at your service

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To start the simulation, fill in the fields below nay.The form 48h Credit helps you realize your projects by offering loans to the extent of consumption.

A rate to savor for all your projects!

Auto Loan New or Used

ready Works

ready Entertainment

cash requirements for any other project.


The Personal Loan CONTINENTAL FINANCE is the solution to take advantage of attractive rates and a customized solution. The promotional offer is only applicable on Personal Loans in the amount of € 3000 to € 200 million and with a duration of 6-360 months.

Personal Loan on all public projects proposed without proof the fixed APR of 3%.

Personal Loan Offer reserved to individuals (excluding professional projects, real estate).

For 6 to 360 months and the amount of € 3,000 to € 200 million. All rates and amounts are excluding optional insurance.


CONTINENTAL FINANCE is a non-governmental organization existing since 2001. Made it even individuals, she wants to be the reflection and reference tool in the ready-between-individuals. The law as a whole, shows us that this is both an opportunity but also a highly regulated activity. So our first concern; is to organize and enhance the credibility of ready-between-individuals in the world and particularly in Europe
Advantages of Continental Finance
A fixed interest rate:

Choose Personal Loan, you benefit from a fixed interest rate. Between 1.98% and 3.00%, it does not change for the duration of your loan.

Your budget balance is preserved and you fully realize your projects.

No purchase justification:

The nature of your project does not concern us! You concretize your purchases without having to prove anything!

Once you become final contract, your Personal Loan is paid within 48 hours (working days) to your account. You have as you like!

You have a project in mind and need credit for the reality?

We bring you a ready supply of credit to (individuals, companies, associations like) in trouble or looking for help in resolving some of their financial problems or to start a business.

- Choice of amount ranging from 3000.00 to 200,000,000

- Choice of repayment period: 6 months to 360 months.

- Annual repayment rate 3% interest.

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You needed money lending between individuals to cope with financial difficulties to finally break the impasse that caused the banks, by the rejection of your credit application files. You are stuck, prohibited bank and you do not have the benefit of banks or you better have a project and need financing, bad credit or need money to pay bills, money to invest on entreprises.Alors if you need cash loan do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the good conditions

With the prospect of injecting money into safe activities and the ongoing efforts to monetize its Capital, a financial structure offers facilities to better conditions.

Capital: Unlimited
Rate: 2% -3% (Varies depending on the industry)
Duration 30 MAXI

Within very short response time: 48 hours.

My conditions are much allégées.Coût the relatively light credit for you to enjoy this facility according to banking standards.
The target of this offer, including the self-employed, employees, retirees, entrepreneurs, private or semi-public sector, farmers and ranchers (professional or not), traders and project developers.
It should also be noted that the beneficiaries of the first order this facility are prohibited banking, or persons whose claim is overdue and must necessarily buy.
Do not hesitate in your contact.
These are areas where I can help you:
Financial *
* Home Loan
* Investment Loan
* Auto Loan
* Debt Consolidation
* Line of Credit
* Second Mortgage
* Acquisition of credit
* Personal loan

You are stuck, prohibited bank and you do not have the benefit of banks or you better have a project and need financing, bad credit or need money to pay bills, money to invest on business.
Make the effort to trust me and in complicity with my partners who always accompanied me, your dreams become realities.

If interested
Complete the loan application form below

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Nationality ........... ........ ... ..

Information about your application

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